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No experience needed! Covered housing & travel expenses! You can decided how long you will stay with us* and daily wage starts from JPY15,000! After filling out an registration form, you can start working from the next month!

*Monthly basis

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Job type




Min. work period starts fm 1 mth and will be renewed every mth.


Job Description



Construction work

Assistant for site supervisors and others


Construction period



Till December 2023

High possibility to be extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Construction location


Kikuyo Town, Kikuchi District, Kumamoto Prefecture




No experience needed



午前8am~午後5、月曜日~土曜日 (日曜日・祝日は休み)


8am - 5pm, Mon to Saturday (Off on Sun and stat holidays)

1hr lunch break, 2 times 15-min-short breaks





Starts from JPY 15,000 incl. tax per day

Closings at EOM, payments on the 10th of the following mth.





All the expenses below mentioned will be covered.

Travel expenses to the accommodation we provide near the construction site, Accommodation, Parking space, Utilities




Introduction of the flow before working on a construction site

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Pls submit a designated form first!

After receiving the form , registration starts

Construction site, housing and other information will be provided

Start working


2 wks after submitting application form


Details will be informed before the start


Beginning of month


 It is possible to start working a few months later, but please note that the registration will be completed the month before the starting month.


【作業前登録~勤務開始まで / Registration - Start working】

Q. 作業前登録にはどのような情報が必要ですか? / What kind of information is required for registration?

A. 以下の情報が必要となります。 / Following information is required


Japanese and other nationalities


Additional information for Non-Japanese

・名前 / Name

・生年月日 / Date of birth

・血液型 / Blood type

・電話番号 / Phone number

・住所 / Address

・緊急連絡先の方のお名前 / Emergency contact name

・緊急連絡先の方の続柄 / Relationship of Emergency Contact

・緊急連絡先の方の住所 / Emergency contact address

・緊急連絡先の方の電話番号 / Emergency contact number

・給与振込の銀行口座 / Bank account for payroll

・印影の写真(顔写真) / Face photo ※1

・身分証明書の写真 / ID photo ※2

・国籍 / Nationality

・日本での在留資格 / Residency status in Japan

・在留期間満了日 / Expiration date of your residency status

・在留カードの写真/ Photo of your residence card ※3

※1: 顔写真をスマートフォンなどで撮影したものを添付してください。

  Please attach an image of your face taken with a smartphone and/or other devices.

※2: 身分証明書は免許証やマイナンバーカードなどの顔写真付きのものは1点、顔写真がない保険証や住民票などは2点必要になります。内容がはっきりと読み取れる画像でお願いいたします。

  You will need a photo of ID card with a face photo such as a driver's license or My Number card, and if you have no ID with a face photo, you will need two IDs such as an insurance card or resident

   record. Please make sure that the content is clearly readable.

※3: 外国籍の方は在留カードの写真も必須となります。在留カードを申請中の方はカードをお受け取り後にお申込みください。

  If you are non-Japanese, a photo of your residence card is required. If you are waiting to receive it, please apply after you receive it.

Q. 作業前登録から作業開始までの流れはどのようになっていますか? / What is a procedure from registration to start date?

A. 作業して頂くにはシステムに登録する必要があります。




You must complete the registration form if you would like to start working. It takes about 10 to 14 days to complete the registration and once the registration is completed, you will be able to start working. Since the start date is always the 1st of every month, once your registration gets completed by the last date of the month, you will be able to start working from the 1st of the following month.

Q. 登録後、面接などはありますか? / Will I have an interview in person?

A. 対面での面接はありません。お仕事開始までの予定はご登録の電話番号に連絡いたします。

  No interview required. We will call the phone number you entered in the application form and let you know the details to start working.

Q. 勤務開始前に、準備することはありますか? / Is there anything I need to prepare before start working?

A. 一人親方労災保険に事前に加入していただく必要がありますので、ご自身でご契約お願いいたします。

  Self-employed workers need to get industrial accident insurance called "Hitori Oyakata Rosai Hoken" in Japanese.

  Please have it before you start working.

Q. 宿泊施設に関する詳細を教えてください。/ Give me the details about accomodation during work

A. 宿泊施設が決まり次第、お仕事開始前日までに弊社担当者よりメールにて詳細をご連絡いたします。

  We will let you know by the day before you start working by email as soon as accommodation is decided.

Q. いつまでに現地入りする必要がありますか? / When will I need to be on site by?

A. 勤務開始前日15時までに、指定された宿泊施設に移動してください。

  Please get to the designated accommodation by 3:00pm on the day before you start working.

【生活環境 / Living environment】

Q. どこに宿泊しますか? / Where will I stay?

A. マンスリーレオパレスを1人1部屋ご用意します。



A private unit at a monthly apartment called "Leopalace" will be provided per worker. We have been trying to hold some rooms near construction site but there might be a chance to stay at a hotel for a while until rooms become available.

Q. 宿泊施設は就労意思を決断する前に内覧できますか?

  Will I be able to go check where I stay in advance before I decide to work?

A. 宿泊施設は就労決定後に手配するため、決定前に内覧することができません。

  Since accommodations will be arranged after the employment decision is made, it is not possible to do so.

Q. 宿泊料金はかかりますか? / Will I need to pay for accomodation?

A. 完全無料です。/ No charge for accomodation.

Q. 光熱費はかかりますか? / Will I need to pay for utilities?

A. 完全無料です。/ No charge for utilities.

Q. 食事は付いてますか? / Will meals be provided?

A. 食事は提供いたしませんので各自ご用意ください。

 Meals will not be provided. Pls prepare on your own.

Q. 宿泊場所から現場まではどのようにして通いますか?

 How will I get to the construction site from where I stay?

A. 完全無料にて車で送迎いたします。

  Shuttle bus is available with no charge.

Q. 熊本在住ですが交通費は支給されますか?/ Will travel expenses be covered even in Kumamoto?

A. 全額支給いたします。熊本県在住、および近郊にお住まいの方は事前に別途確認してください。

  All the travel expenses are covered. Pls let us know in advance if you live in Kumamoto or nearby cities.

Q. 宿泊施設に駐車場はありますか?/ Will I have a parking spot at where I stay if I have a car?

A. はい。完全無料です。

 Yes, there is no charge for parking.

Q. 家族や友人を同伴してもよいですか?/ Am I allowed to bring my family or friends?

A. 単身専用となりますので、ご家族やご友人の同伴はご遠慮ください。

 Accommodation is for singles only. Therefore, please do not bring family or friends.

【作業環境 / Working environment】

Q. 勤務地はどこですか?

  Where is my construction site?

A. 熊本県菊池郡菊陽町になります。

 Kikuyo Town, Kikuchi District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Q. この現場の詳細を教えてください。

 Tell me about the details on the construction site.

A. 半導体の製造工場を建設しています。元請は鹿島建設となります。


A semiconductor manufacturing plant and prime contractor is Kajima Corporation. Construction period is until December 2023 based on the original plan but there is a delay due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. 作業内容を教えてください。

 What are my job responsibilities?

A. 一般的な手元作業が主になります。現場内の清掃、整理、資材の運搬、現場監督の手元など特別な技術は必要としません。

Main job is to assist a site supervisor and others, such as cleaning, arranging tools, transporting materials, etc. No special experience needed.

Q. 勤務日時を教えてください。

 When are the work hours?

A. 勤務日:平日月曜日~土曜日。(日・祝休み)勤務時間:通常の現場作業と同じく8~17時が基本となります。

Mon through Saturday, 8am - 5pm, base on the regular work hours for the main construction workers. Off on Sundays and statutory holidays.

Q. 作業時の服装に指定はありますか?

 What should I wear during work?

A. 一般的な作業着であれば問題ありません。特に現場での指定はありませんが支給いたしませんので、各自作業着をご用意ください。

General work clothes. Please note that work clothes is NOT provided and you need to prepare your own.

Q. ヘルメットは必要ですか?

 Do I need to wear a helmet during work?

A. はい。ヘルメットは貸与可能ですが、ご自身のヘルメットをお持ちの方はご持参ください。

Yes, helmets are available but please bring your own if you have one.

Q. 安全帯は必要ですか?

 Do I need to wear a safety belt during work?

A. はい。ご自身で安全帯(ハーネス)をご用意ください。

Yes, please bring your own.

Q. 靴の指定はありますか?

 What type of shoes should I wear during work?

A. 安全靴指定となっております。安全靴の貸与はありませんので、各自安全靴をご用意ください。

You need to wear safety footwear on a construction site. They will not be provided so please prepare your own.

Q. 必要な道具は何ですか?

 What kind of tolls do I need to prepare?

A. 安全帯、長靴、軍手、安全靴、作業服はご自身でご用意ください。

  Please prepare you own safety belt, boots, work gloves, safety footwear and work clothes.

Q. 休憩時間はありますか?

 What breaks do I get at work?

A. 10時〜、12時〜(昼休憩)、15時〜、それぞれ休憩があります。

  You will get, 10:00-, 12:00-(Lunch break), 3:00pm- breaks.

Q. 昼食時間は決められていますか?

 Is there a set time for lunch break?

A. 昼食休憩(12~13時)があります。


【報酬について / Payroll】

Q. 報酬はいくらですか?

 How much will I get paid?

A. 15,000円/日(税込)~となります。

  Starts from JPY 15,000 incl. tax per day.

Q. 報酬の支払いサイクルはどのようになっていますか?

 When will I get paid?

A. 末日締め、翌月10日払いです。

 Closings take place at the end of the month with payments made on the 10th of the following month.

Q. 前借りすることできますか?

  Can I get an advance payment?

A. 1週間分の報酬の1/2まで前借り可能です。毎週土曜日の15時までにご連絡いただくことが条件となります。



You can receive up to half of 1-week-salary in advance but please make sure that you let us know by 3pm on Saturdays.

Send us after filling out an application form for an advance payment. Please make sure that you fill in correctly, otherwise it will not be transferred on the scheduled date and time.

Q. 熊本県までの交通費はいつ支払われますか?

 When will I get travel expenses to Kumamoto back?

A. 1ヶ月以上作業(要月間80%以上の作業日数)していただくことで、往復1回分の交通費を受け取ることができます。



After working for at least one month (at least 80% of the work days per month), you will receive travel expenses for one round trip. Travel expenses will be paid at actual cost, so please keep a receipt. The upper limit for round trip is JPY 72,000 (JPY36,000 for one way). If you do not have enough money to go to Kumamoto, please let us know. You can receive a temporary advance based on your request.

Q. 熊本県内在住者ですが、交通費は支払われますか?

 Will I get travel expenses back if I live in Kumamoto?

A. 県内在住者の交通費は全てお支払いします。近郊にお住まいの方もご相談ください。

 All the travel expenses within Kumamoto will be covered even you live in Kumamoto and nearby cities.

Q. 短期ではどのくらい働けますか?

 What is the shortest period I need to stay at this job?

A. 最短一ヶ月となります。

 It will be a minimum of one month.

Q. 長期を希望していますが、どのくらい働けますか?

 How long can I stay at this job if I would like to work long-term?

A. 2023年12月が正式な工期ですが、コロナで遅れが生じておりますので工期が延長する可能性が高いです。

 The official construction period is December 2023, but there is a high possibility that it will be extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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